My first flight experience…

Has anyone ever felt flying without wings? I felt that when I was flying in a flight to USA for the first time in my life. It was one of the most memorable travels in my life because its always my dream to fly in a plane. I could remember each and every moments of my first flight experience. I  treasured those moments in my deep heart. The best of  it was when I heard that my husband got a job in USA , and we were going to fly.
          I remember the moments like entering the airport and waiting in a series of queues including baggage scanning, check-in and immigration clearance. During those anxious waiting periods, I was able to peak at the airplanes through the glass windows. I got attracted to one particular plane painted in gray with a red stripe which was bigger than the other planes. My husband told me that was the international flight we were going to be on. I was so proud and early waited to travel in that flight, but there was yet another anxious waiting in a queue to get into the plane. Finally when we got into the plane and sat down, I started to look around me.  I noticed a small white air vent and little lights right above my head, and my husband explained me that those can be controlled by me. It was so great because the controls were right on my armrest, and there was also a plug in for the head phones to listen to music. There was also a small screen monitor hang in front of my seats. One more excited news for me when my husband said that I could watch movies in that screen while traveling.

The air hostess made announcements through the intercom and explained all of the safety procedures after all passengers got settled into their seats. They also showed everyone how to put the seat belts, how to use the oxygen controls during an emergency situation. I got a little bit fear, but my husband calmed me by saying nothing will happen. After few minutes, I felt a little movements and found out that our plane began to move out to the runway. As the plane approached the runway, I started to get really so excited. I remember that the airplane started to get more speed, my stomach had the odd feeling from the excitement of actually going up in the air for the first time. My husband said that he could see all my excitements and happiness in my face. It was so amazing to watch everything get smaller and smaller at the ground. Everything under in the earth looked like a little micro chips that we see in the computer motherboard. I was amazed to the see the clouds from the top. I used to see in the movies where our God and Goddess walk in the clouds, so I wished to do the same when I saw the clouds from the flight.

By the time the plane had reached cruising altitude, the crew-head welcomed us aboard and informed us about the journey details of the plane speed which was around 720 Kms/ hour and the altitude was 8000 feet above sea level. About half way through the trip, the air hostess came around and served food and drinks for everyone. The food was served in a tray on a small table that folded down from the seat in front of me; however, the table was enough to fit the food tray was served on. I cannot forget that food because it almost tasted like a mix between hospital and school food. I did not like it that much but it was still nice to have the food because I was so hungry throughout the entire flight.

After having the food, I saw a movie called “Just Married”. It was a really good comedy movie. After watching the movie, I slept for about six hours. I woke up when the air hostess served some tea and food. I played some video games and watched another movie, but this time a Indian movie. I could not concentrate much on the movie since I knew by the time it was over, we would be there. The pilot made announcement in the intercom that in about thirty minutes we would be landing after that I started counting the minutes. I was also looking forward to arriving in the USA for the first time. I then started wondering if there will be huge buildings, clean roads, people dressed up with western style dresses which I had seen in the movies and the pictures. The plane started to come down and everything started getting bigger on  the ground. As soon as I saw the runway, I heard the weird noise. I got a little scared and asked my husband what it was. He said,” It was just the landing gear coming down “. After the plane touched down, I heard the tires make a screeching sound. I was excited that we are finally in USA. 

We landed at the Los Angeles International Airport, and then almost everyone was rushing to get off from the plane. Everyone was pushing and shoving to get off the plane and I was in the middle of it with my husband. We finally stepped out of the airplane and got our luggage. I took a deep breath when we came out from the airport. It was the freshest air that I have ever experienced. The buildings were huger than I had ever seen before in my life. America was better than any pictures and movies I had ever seen. 

I was quite excited about the flight journey and at the same time started feeling quite nervous at my first flight . Right from the time I was a kid, When I used to hear news about flight crashes, I would internally resolve that I would never travel by flight. But over the course of years that fear disappeared and was replaced by the excitement of flight travel. Flight travel is definitely a new experience for anyone who has it the first time. The fact that within minutes in flight, we are above the clouds and can see an aerial view of the whole city and the beauty of the world. The clouds looked like small balls of cotton spread on the floor. After I flew in flight, I felt that I made it.

My first flight to USA was one of the most memorable things in my life. I hope that I can remember it for the rest of my life. “There is no flying without wings”, but I flew without wings when I was in flight. After my first flight, I love to travel in flight everywhere, and I am eagerly waiting for my next flight travel. It was a real great experience and if possible would request everyone to travel in flight atleast once. Have a great flight journey!!!!!!




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